Robin-Clegg Robin-Clegg

Baby Alex

Robin Clegg
2 Time Olympian (2010 & 2006)
“Shortly after Alex came into our lives we received the most thoughtful package from Kushies and CAN Fund. Being first time parents, baby stuff can be extremely overwhelming! It was great to know that our little guy was dressed in all-Canadian made high quality clothes. Alex will be a Kushies baby for years to come! I have a feeling that his Zolo will be with him until he goes to college”


Rachel Seaman
2012 Olympian- Tack and Field (20km Racewalk)
Canadian Record Holder 20km RW
“It was so thoughtful for Kushies to send such a nice package of gifts for my baby Isabella. Everything is so well made and it’s so nice to have a quality baby brand in Canada. Isabella has loved playing with her stuffed zolo fuzzi octopus toy! Thank you CAN Fund and Kushies for working together to help support the next generation of Olympians!”

Mia Langlois-Hay

Anabelle Langlois 
2010 Olympian, Figure Skating
Cody Hay
2010 Olympian, Figure Skating
“Thank you so much to CAN Fund & Kushies for the amazing care package we received shortly after we welcomed our little angel Mia into the world. We were so touched by this sweet & thoughtful gesture, to be supported in our career was wonderful but to still feel your support in this new part of our life made us feel extra special. Mia loves all the comfy clothes and especially the soft rattle! Mom & Dad love all of it but especially the water resistant receiving blanket 🙂 it’s perfect for diaper changing. Thanks a million we love you back!”

Layla Cochrane

Mylanie Barre
2 time Olympian (2004 & 2008)
Sprint Canoe Kayak Ryan Cochrane
2012 Olympian, Sprint Canoe
Sprint Canoe
 “As new Parents we can’t express enough how grateful we are for help. With out the help of organizations like CAN Fund and Kushies everything would not function as smoothly. We were both so excited when I returned from Florida training camp to find a BIG smile on Mylanie’s face, a beautiful baby girl, and a big box from Kushies. We both absolutely love everything we got from Kushies the material is so nice to touch so I know Layla loves being in it. Her photo shows she is happy to wear her cute little outfits. We both can’t begin to thank CAN Fund and Kushies enough you really do truly care about Canadian Athletes. THANK YOU VERY MUCH”


Deirdre Crampton
2004 Olympian, Sailing
Steve Mitchell
2004 Olympian, Sailing, Team Great Britain, Currently Canadian Team Coach
“What a wonderful surprise for us to find a box of Kushies goodies on our door step. Thank you to CAN fund and Kushies for thinking of us! We love Kushies soft and wearable clothes. Rhys has been getting a lot of wear out of his very practical and cool hat. It’s so nice to see Canadian companies supporting Canadian athletes in their post Olympic projects. What a thoughtful and generous thing for them to do, early support of Canada’s next generation athletes (fingers crossed for 2032 here we come!).”

Robby Rice Milroy

Anna Rice
2 Time Olympian, Badminton (2008 & 2004)
“Wow, thank you so much Kushies and CAN Fund for the incredible baby gift package! The quality of the clothing and baby accessories is awesome, I especially love the items made from 100% organic cotton, so nice and soft. Kushies, thanks for helping the next generation of CAN Fund athletes.”

Luke Sostorics Rumsey

Colleen Sostorics
3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Hockey (2010, 2006 & 2002)
“As a new mom there is one thing I’m sure about, “I don’t know what’s going to happen next”. That’s why I was so happy to receive the care package from Kushies. It is always my first stop when I realize (too late) that Luke could use a bib, toothbrush, blankie etc., and I always find what I need. Thank you for your continued support of Canadian athletes as we trade in our skates and ski’s for strollers and car seats!”

Liam St-Pierre

Kim St-Pierre
3 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Hockey (2010, 2006 & 2002)
“Thank you Canadian Athlete Now Fund and Kushies! What a great surprise to receive a package for Liam only a few days after I got back from the hospital. All the items are so useful for a first time mom 🙂 The blanket is very comfy and warm! Thank you for thinking about us and for your support in this new chapter of our lives.”

Wife, Rachel and their daughter, Mira and son, Bowen

David Calder
2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Rowing
“It seems like whenever things are at their very worst, and the next mortgage payment is no where in sight, CAN Fund comes through in a big way. I will never forget when we had our first child, and all we had were hand-me-downs, and one day a huge box showed up at the door full of Kushies clothes and toys which totally made us feel like we didn’t have to live below the poverty line in order to represent Canada.”

Tor Johannson

Oskar Johannson
2 time Olympian (2004 & 2008) Sailing
“Tor absolutely loves his Kushies “Splish…” blanket. He sports it every day when it is not in the wash. Mommy loves the 100% organic cotton fabric and baby blue tones that match his eyes. Daddy loves the imagery and thinks it is fitting for his little sailor-to-be. Thank you very much for the box of baby goodies. We really appreciate the support for the next chapter of our lives.”

Louie Loo

Alexa Loo
2 time Olympian (2006 & 2010)
“Thank you Canadian Athletes Now Fund and Kushies for the lovely care package for Louie! He looks so cute in his new outfit and all of the goodies are very much appreciated!”

Wife, Robbie and their daughters,
Brianna and Peyton

Brian Price
2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Rowing
“So often people focus on athletic performance and forget about the other aspects of an athletes life. As a father of two, my family is of the utmost importance and they inspire me to become better each and every day, at home and on the water. It was a great surprise to get a package in the mail that was for my young daughter. This generous gift from Kushies really showed that they understand success relies on support for myself and my family as a whole.”

Lauren Pounder

Cheryl Pounder Olympic Gold Medalist 2002 & 2006
Ice Hockey
“Thank you Kushies for our ‘surprise’ package!!! Comfortable, durable, and cute clothing can make a parent so happy… especially when our children spit up, eat with their hands, and crawl into spaces they’re not supposed to! Thank you for taking the time to think of our families and understanding that our children are our real ‘Gold Medals’.”

Kyla Williams

Buffy Williams
3 time Olympian (2000, 2004 & 2008)
2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist Rowing
Barney Williams
2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Rowing
 “It was a delightful surprise to receive a Kushies gift package for our youngest child Kyla. Ironically it arrived on Kyla’s 1st Birthday. We enjoyed the Kushies items in the package so much, we have since purchased several other products. Thank you.”

Cierra Cartwright

James Cartwright
3 time Olympian (2000,2004 & 2008)
“A special thanks must go out to Kushies for being true sport supporters and helping both aspiring and past Canadian Olympians!”

Dreydon & Jarret Sunohara

Vicky Sunohara
3 time Olympian and 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist (2002 & 2006) Ice Hockey
“Thank you so much for sending us the gifts from Kushies! The waterproof bibs with sleeves and rainsuits that were given so generously to us have been key in keeping our 18 month old twins dry. They are very messy and love to jump in puddles! You can imagine how many times they need to be changed in a day. With these bibs and rainsuits, I am doing a little less laundry each day:) They are awesome!”

Amelia Rush

Lyndon Rush
2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist Bobsleigh
“Thanks so much for the baby gift for Amelia. Everything fit perfectly, and she loves the banana toothbrush!”

Charlotte Bissett

David Bissett 
2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist Bobsleigh
“Kushies are the only bibs Charlotte will let us put on her and keep on, thank you for your support”
Wife Naomi and their son Beau
Chris Le Bihan
2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist Bobsleigh
“What a surprise it was to receive gifts from Kushies for our son Beau! Athletes families are an integral part of their success and Kushies has recognized this. Thank you so much for the support!”

Lucy Bell

Zach Bell 
2 time Olympian (2008 & 2012) Cycling
“Having a little one adds a little more crazy to an athletes busy life. The support from Kushies made it possible for me to spend my spare time with Lucy and Rebecca instead of running around trying to get her set up for the first few months. Lucy has loved her Kushies since day 1”

Zack Jones

Kyle Jones
2012 Olympian, Triathlon
“What a wonderful surprise it was to receive a care package from CAN Fund and Kushies filled with gifts for our son Zack. He’s easily the best dressed baby on the block and he’s a big fan of Zolo! Thanks so much for the thoughtful gifts. You guys are awesome! “

Darcy (Marquardt) Hortness
3 time Olympian (2004, 2008, 2012)
2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, Women’s Rowing
Richard Hortness
2 time Olympian (2008, 2012) Swimming
“Richard and I retired from elite sport before we became parents, and even though our little guy is only 7 weeks old, it’s amazing to see organizations go above and beyond supporting athletes during their athletic careers and after! Thanks so much to CAN Fund and Kushies for the amazing care package that arrived two weeks after our son was born. Love that a Canadian company is supporting Canadian athletes in this way! “