Sweet Springtime Styles for Baby by Kushies

Part of the Mommy’s Block Party Maternity & Newborn Guide
When I think about what I want for my baby, only the very best products come to mind. I dealt with the troubles of sensitive skin when B was a baby. I quickly learned that not all baby clothing and products are created equally. Baby S comes from a family of those with sensitive skin, so I have to be extra careful when it comes to what she wears, what touches her delicate skin, and what her clothing and linens are washed in.
The Kushies story dates back to 1953, originally named Diana Dolls Wear Ltd. Through the years, Diana Dolls Wear became Kooshies, and in 2003, the company changed their name to Kushies. Kushies is based in Canada, and offers beautiful seasonal and everyday wear for babies, as well as other fantastic products. Kushies has recently expanded to multiple markets and offers multiple products ranging from layette, bedding, bath, feeding and outerwear, to name a few.
I love the Kushies brand, and was excited to receive a selection of baby products to try out with Baby S. I spent a great deal of time pouring over all of the wonderful products Kushies has to offer- including the infant layette products and even products for moms!
An adorable springtime sleeper for Baby S from Kushies!
Right now, infant sleepers are a huge lifesaver for us. We’re reaching pretty comfy temperatures at nighttime, so we’re not having to use heavy swaddle blankets. We keep the air semi cool in the house, around 70 degrees at night, and keep little mittens on her hands to keep them from getting cold. The sleepers are great for S to wear during the day, if we’re going to be in the cool A/C. If we go outside, where it’s 80+ degrees, we change into a romper or onesie.
The I Love Spring Front Snap Sleeper is an adorable sleep and play outfit for any little love in your life! It features bright, vibrant spring colors against a white background, and deep pink trim. The sleeper snaps closed, which makes it easy to access baby for diaper changes. It also features an adorable pink bow for added detail.
I love the way this sleeper looks, feels, and fits Baby S. She looks absolutely adorable in it!
Available in sizes preemie to 9 mo.
We were also sent this luxurious receiving blanket in a beautiful grey and pink print.
You can never have too many receiving blankets. S has already marked this soft receiving blanket from Kushies as a favorite, and so have I! It felt a bit stiff at first, but all receiving blankets do. Once we snuggled with this a few times, it became very soft. S loves to grab onto it when it’s wrapped around my finger while we snuggle and nurse.
A large blanket, it’s perfect for a light swaddle!
The blanket has a white background, and a beautiful grey an d light pink printed pattern. These colors are a perfect match for S’ bedding and the theme for the nursery. I adore the design, and the colors, too. Washing and drying this blanket is easy- just machine wash and dry as needed. This makes cleaning the blanket a breeze, if we have a little accident… and hey, when you have a baby, accidents are bound to happen.
Baby S is sweet as can be, all wrapped up in her Kushies Receiving Blanket.
Kushies premium quality 100% cotton flannel receiving blankets are ultra soft, generously sized, and finished with a bias trim for added durability. Machine washable and dryable.
Available in pre-assorted boy, girl, and neutral prints.
Size: 35″ x 35″ (89cm x 89)
And don’t forget about mom…
Kushies cotton nursing pads are a must-have for breastfeeding moms!
I love breastfeeding my baby. I enjoyed bonding and breastfeeding B, and am now enjoying the same experience with S. It’s such a beautiful, life-giving thing to be able to do for your children. As much as I love breastfeeding, it doesn’t often come without pain and its share of issues. I have already experienced leaks- and they mostly occur at home (overnight when S is sleeping for longer stretches), but I did have one semi-embarrassing moment at the doctor’s office last week. Leaks happen, but the entire world doesn’t need to know about it- that’s why breast pads are a great idea.
I have tried tons of disposable breast pads, and guess what? I’ve yet to find one that I like. They don’t stay attached to the inside of the nursing bra, and pop out when you don’t want them to. Also, raw, bleeding skin can stick to those cotton disposable pads, and it hurts! These washable, reusable cloth cotton nursing pads by Kushies are a dream come true for nursing moms everywhere!
The Kushies Nursing Pads come in a set of six cotton flannel pads.
Not only are these cloth pads extremely comfortable on the skin, they are environmentally friendly. My other breast pads just get thrown away. These can be washed and used over and over again! How awesome is that? There is even a corresponding nursing pad case that you can purchase to keep your clean pads in. They are cute as a button, and would make a great gift, combined with the nursing pads. I am very thankful to have these, and highly recommend them to any moms who are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed their babies.
Kushies has so many wonderful products for baby! I love their layette pieces, apparel, and linens! They have gorgeous styles and patterns of bedding and blankets, diapering and feeding accessories, and more! Be sure to take the time to check out their beautiful products!