Bathtime Toys from Kushies :: Review

Bath time in our home is an event.  The girls just love to be in the water, so any addition to bath time fun is accepted with a huge smile. When I had the chance to share with them the bath mat and squirter set from Kushies (which I originally was introduced to at ABC Kids!), the girls all smiled with delight. I smiled knowing that there was a little more to these toys that just, cute factor…even though they didn’t know.  Protective mom always on guard. Can’t have them playing with things that could hurt them…especially things going in their mouths. ?

kushies bath mat and squirter setLet’s start with the squirters.  They are Lead, BPA, phthalate, & cadmium free.  Suitable for all ages….very much important these days!!

Next, the bath mat. I’m excited that their little tooshies aren’t going to be sliding all around the tub, especially my little Preslee.  I’m also excited that this mat stays put when I am in the shower too.  I hadn’t purchased a bath mat since we moved in to the new house and on occasion I noticed myself slipping.  It’s like a plush mat to stand on when I’m in the shower too!  But shhh, don’t tell the girls that I’m just as excited as they are about their new bath toys ?

These are not only great for personal use, but GREAT for gift giving!